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Viseart ETENDU Eye Shadow Palette

$60.98 CAD

Viseart 12 colors makeup palette.

Introducing the Étendu Collection from Viseart Paris. Our new eyeshadow packaging range is developed to extend and revisit revered favourites from our iconic collection. We have expanded upon beloved, classic palettes from our archives to provide more tonal colour, more depth, more duochromatic and metallic finishes, more intensity, and more elegance for everyday humans and professional artists alike. Étendu packaging sits prettily between the clutch-sized Petit Pro & Edit palettes (1 gram) and our SlimPro 12 pan professional palettes (2 grams). The Étendu range holds 1.5 gram magnetized pans and is interchangeable with our Petits Fours Collection for on the go frolicking! Each Étendu colour story features a curated collection of twelve shades, our newest creations, and tones pulled from the Viseart archive library, skillfully culminated to create a divine collection of everyday-essential colours with pops of beloved hues from our heritage-rich staple eyeshadows! 102 g, 108 mm x 89 mm x 13 mm Brand: Viseart Soleil La Plage, a chic collection of soft sandy hues with pops of crystalline finishes inspired by a much-loved shade from our Coy palette Our loyal Coterie will recognize “some'' of their desires within Soleil La Plage! With a crisp duochrome ‘Sea’ blue hue, met with an icy ‘Citronnade’, our ever so sunny ‘Ananas’ along with our bolder yet ethereal pearly duochrome in “Parasol” red (see Shade Descriptors & Ingredients for use guidance). With a laidback disposition and barefoot pursuits, our Soleil La Plage Etendu palette is a beachy daydream from Anastasia’s reveries. The imaginings of lounging under a bright ‘Parasol’ whilst staring at the crystalline blue sea- with true friends by your side, anything is possible! Ahhh the hazy lazy days of beachside bliss, our design evokes the playfulness and serenity of a beachside jamboree, a glorious swim, fish nipping at our toes, and sand in all of the wrong places. Drop anchor with us, rest, relax, raising a Spritz to all our friends and inviting them to come aboard and join us on our colourful journey along La Plage!
  • Per artist requests, pans are now magnetized and easily depot-able. Mix & match with any Étendu or Petits Fours packaging!
  • Étendu packaging replaces our plastic clamshell packaging and reduces our carbon footprint by using ethically sourced recycled paper.
Bijouxette: This sumptuously rich collection of multifaceted gems will sparkle with joy and refract light on even the darkest winter's night! In universally flattering hues based on nature's finest jewels, our Bijouxette Étendu allows you to sparkle like a sapphire, glisten in gold, revel in ruby, and adorn yourself in amethyst! Our iridescent and duochromatic shimmers can be diffused into a soft candlelight glow and buffed into the lashline as a liner, or use a damp brush for a more striking pigmented finish. Our proprietary formula of shimmers, metallics, satins, and mattes are comfortable to wear, effortless to apply, and highly pigmented, giving you sensational, controllable color payoff. These shadows are designed to give you full control. Bijouxette Étendu brings the carefree sensuousness of the ’20s with our delightfully playful and effortlessly chic treasure chest of the richest jeweled hues to shake your tailfeather in!
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Brand: Viseart


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