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Is Bronzing and Contouring the Same?

Is Bronzing and Contouring the Same?

Among the common questions asked to professional make-up artists, here’s one that caught our attention in this summer season : Can I make my contouring with a bronzing powder?

Answer: Yes … and no.

Bronzing powders are generally made of warm hues, slightly orange, to mimic the color of a skin exposed to the sun. In order to embellish the powder, they sometimes contain micro-glitter, dark-colored ribbons or mica that reflects the light. Provided they are well used (and chosen in a shade that suits you, bright orange is flattering on very few people …) with the right brush, the result can prove to be really successful. It is important to choose a large brush (a good size would be about 4 centimeters in diameter) to diffuse the powder on places where the sun naturally caresses your face (temples, top of the forehead, tip of the nose, bust and shoulders) or the top of your body.

As for the contouring powders, they are generally of a cold tone, as it seems in the reflection of shaded areas on the skin and on photograph or in a video. To create a realistic and subtle effect, these cool shades should be matte and not be darker than 3 to 5 tones than your natural tone.

These powders are deposited with a narrower brush, and must be finely milled to melt with your skin. A powder that has not been finely ground (or of lesser quality) will have a similar finish to baby powder, and will easily seen with the naked eye and will show on camera.

A matte bronzing powder can be used to make the contouring, if it’s limited to the hollow part of the cheeks. If this is not the case, it is better to privilege a powder of cold tone. That being said, both are compatible! Just start with the bronzing powder, and delimit the areas that you want to darken with a powder of contour!

A powder of high-quality contour will necessarily be pigmented; It is therefore necessary to use a light brush stroke! To diffuse color, you can always mix loose powder with your contouring product at the time of application; you’ll end up with an airy makeup.

The quality of your powders is crucial ; do not hesitate to ask to try before you buy! A good powder will look natural, and there won’t be no dry patches or a rough looking effect. During the trial, check the texture on your face. Do you feel it is very visible? If so, the grain of the powder is probably too big!

We recommend that you come to our store and see our selection of quality powders! We have a wide selection of professional bronzing and contouring powders that will harmonize your skin tone.


written by: Dominique L.