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Altair LARP Vest

$119.98 CAD

Epic Armoury LARP Vest

SKU: 14090156

Epic Armoury’s Vest Altair is a sleeveless shirt designed for the most skilled rogues. Reaching from the shoulders to the knees and made from soft, dyed cotton, this tunic can be a costume all by itself--or work as a layer in a more complicated design. Move around crowded cities easily thanks to an A-cut at the front and back hem, while hiding your identity with the attached large hood. Designed to be tight fitting and sleek, the tunic features many sharp lines and angles to give you a slim and dangerous appearance. Secure the Vest Altair using five straps through double brass D-rings along the front for a comfortable fit. WASHING Epic Armoury clothing is made mainly from natural fibers, with support from manmade materials. When you purchase a new piece of clothing, always wash your cotton separate for the first time, and thereafter with similar colors and always in cold water. On the first wash add a handful of salt to the wash to help seize the color, this will help reduce fading. DRYING When taking it out ou the washer, shake it to remove the most wrinkles. Always hang dry your clothing keeping it out of direct sunlight or a source of heat that mat prematurely age your clothing. NEVER PLACE IN THE DRYER!

Additional Information

Brand: Epic Armoury

Theme: LARP


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