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Anna medieval skirt Canvas - Bordeaux

$40.98 CAD
SKU: 973801

Initially the skirt was a piece of clothing for both: men and women alike. It was made with sleeves and was worn as everyday clothing in all social classes. Only later the skirt developed into the shape we know it as today.

The ankle long skirt "Anna" is built with a wide, comfortable waistband. The lacing on the back can be used to adjust the skirt indivudually to the wearers body. Rough canvas provides the neccessary durability on LARP events and medieval markets.

When combined with the blouse and the bodice from the "Anna" series, this costume provides a good basis for a tavern maidens dress. As usual: the accessories added will only make up for the basis being changed into your individual costume.

Mytholon products are perfect for LARPing and Renaissance Fairs.

Material: canvas

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