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BEN NYE Professional Camouflage Wheel KW- 1 oz/28 g

$38.98 CAD

BEN NYE Professional makeup Wheel Camouflage KW


BEN NYE Professional Camouflage Wheel KW- 1 oz/28 g IS BACKORDERED (NOT in STOCK). You'll be Notified WHEN it is BACK IN STOCK.


The BEN NYE Professional Camouflage Wheel features a richly pigmented creme color formula with four shades that allow artists to effortlessly create camouflage effects on the skin. The creme colors Desert Tan, Cinnamon, Army Green, and Coal replicate traditional camouflage shades. 

This compact wheel fits comfortably in any makeup kit or touch-up bag and has a clear lid for easy visual access. The shades in this wheel lend themselves flawlessly to any photography, special effects, Halloween enthusiast, or face & body painting makeup artist. 

28gm./1oz. – Expect 16-100 applications per shade

Apply creme colors with a sponge or brush after using a spatula or palette to put cremes on a palette. For more precise application, use our Round Point (RS) or Flat Brushes (FB). Set yourself up for success by tracing out your desired camouflage pattern with our White MagiColor pencil, and approach the coloring process with a paint-by-numbers tactic. 

To prevent colors from blending together, set each creme shade with Neutral Set or Colorless Luxury Powder before moving onto the next shade. 

Gently wipe off makeup with Quick Cleanse on a cotton pad. Wash off residue with soap and water, oil-free Hydra Cleanse, or a facial wipe.

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