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$179.98 CAD

Graftobian stage blood makeup, available in several sizes.

SKU: J88597

Graftobian Stage Blood makeup is a mostly opaque, water-based, realistic slit-wrist red blood product that is the same viscosity as real blood. It even dries and crusts up brownish like real blood. Graftobian Stage Blood is the color of REAL blood, and looks realistic. It's not thick gel and not runny either, but has a slow-dripping syrup consistency.

Use this type of blood any time you need "real-time" realistic blood effects, like wound creation, or spraying blood. These types of events include includes plays, simulations, or other live events. Because it eventually dries, stage blood produces the most realistic effects over time, without touchups or needing different makeup.

To use: Pour on skin or use a brush to apply to fake wounds. Fill into gel capsules for use in the mouth or other single shot special effect uses.
Note: May stain some clothing. Test in an inconspicuous spot before using.


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