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MaqPro Stick Fard crème 30ml

$49.98 CAD

cream stick foundation makeup

SKU: 1001 21

Fard Cream MaqPro is a world wide famous foundations used by professionals for several decades. All the 300 shades can be blent together easily with the Makeup Mixe because it’ contains waxes of vegetable and mineral origin. Depending of the amount of Makeup Mixer you can get a transparency or thickness result on the skin. Once powdered correctly it’s waterproof. Thanks to a derivative of beewax it moisturising and protect the skin from external elements. Instead of absorbing the light the intense mineral pigments reflect the light and gives luminous reflection. You can use the Fard Creme as a foundation but also concealer, blush, eyeshadow, countouring or even lipstick for the pro. It can be stored a very long time without losing its properties as it doesn’t fear heat or frost.
Paraben free. Cruelty free makeup (Not tested on animals)
Brand: Maqpro
size: 30ml

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Brand: Maqpro Paris


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