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MEHRON Tooth FX Paint - Blood Red

$12.98 CAD

Non-toxic, Temporary Tooth Paint for special FX, by Mehron. The color Red is like fake blood for teeth


Safe, non-toxic, Temporary paint-on tooth color. Available in a variety of colors for different special effects makeup. Available in a 0.125 oz (4 ml) glass bottle with brush applicator.

How to use this product:

Dry teeth with a towel. Paint on dry teeth with the provided brush. For best results, paint in small areas between the teeth to give the appearance of decay or chipped teeth. Tooth FX™ can be removed by applying a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab, wiping the Tooth FX; off, or brushing teeth with toothpaste. Do not apply ToothFX™ to dentures or veneers.

Item # for red: TFX-R
Brand: Mehron

Mehron's Tooth FX™ is a safe, non-toxic paint-on-tooth color. This tooth paint can give you any fake teeth fx to complete your Halloween makeup, cosplay, and more! The professional formula stays on until you want to remove it and comes in a 0.125oz (4ml) glass bottle with an easy-to-apply brush applicator.

  • Black Tooth FX is perfect for creating chipped, broken, or missing tooth fx
  • Blood Red Tooth FX is like fake blood and creates bloody teeth for gory SFX makeup
  • Gold Tooth FX gives a metallic gold chrome effect to the teeth
  • Nicotine Tooth FX turns your teeth into stained, discolored teeth with a deep mustard yellow hue
  • Spinach Tooth FX is a green tooth polish for creating creepy Halloween tooth fx
  • White Tooth FX: get pearly whites with this teeth whitening paint
Additional Information

Brand: Mehron


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