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Mytholon Eagle patch

$22.98 CAD
SKU: 973519

The eagle symbolizes immortality, courage, foresight and power in the heraldry.

This patch is ideally suited to be affixed to shields, coats of arms or banners. The back is equipped with an ironing adhesive, so the patch can be easily fixed before sewing. The carrier material is a stable cotton canvas. For technical reasons, not all parts of the eagle are cut out. This can easily be done with a scalpel before sewing.

Mytholon products are perfect for LARPing and Renaissance Fairs.

Material: Cotton canvas, polyester

Dimensions of the large variant:

Height: 35 cm
Width: 33.5 cm
Weight: 50 g

Dimensions of the medium variant

Height: 19 cm
Width: 19 cm
Weight: 20 g

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