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Polytek PlatSil® FS-20 Silicone Rubber Kit

$79.00 CAD

Polytek PlatSil® FS-20 Silicone Rubber Kit

PlatSil® FS-20 (Fast-Setting) Silicone Rubber is a two-part, platinum-catalyzed, liquid silicone system that cures (RTV) to a milky white, Shore OO66/A20 rubber. This product offers a simple 1A:1B mix ratio (by weight or volume), a fast demold time of ~25 minutes, and a long pour time (~8 minutes) relative to its cure speed. This allows for fast turn-around of molds and parts with sufficient time to mix and pour. Heat can be used to further accelerate the cure. This is a pourable rubber, but it can be easily thickened with PlatThix Liquid Thickener or Fumed Silica for brushon application. Specifications & Product information Product Literature PlatSil® FS-Series Technical Bulletin Physical Properties Bulletin Safety Data Sheet
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Brand: Polytek


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