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Tristan LARP Vest

$55.00 CAD

Veste pour Jeu de Rôle-Grandeur Nature (LARP)

SKU: 14030245

The Tristan Vest is a wonderful soft cotton doublet which fits nicely with virtually any medieval outfit. This vest style stunning when placed over a fencing shirt however it may be worn alone as a sort of muscle shirt . It’s straightforward design and style is appropriate at virtually any historical or larp occasion.

Tristan is a sleeveless shirt designed with bureaucrats or well-mannered townsfolk in mind. Reaching from the shoulders to the waist and made from soft, dyed cotton, this vest can be a costume all by itself--or work as a layer in a more complicated design. Designed to be form fitting and sleek, the vest features coloured trim meant to give you a slim and groomed appearance.

Brand: Epic Armoury / Iron Fortress

Additional Information

Brand: Epic Armoury

Theme: LARP


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