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Viseart Petites Mattes Pigment Palette

$54.98 CAD

Viseart 12 colors makeup palette.


Viseart charming “miniature” palettes are a celebrated carbon copy of their iconic large 2 gram pro palettes. The chic and slim-lined packaging is fully wipeable, slips easily into a kit bag and allows for you to create your own bespoke color palette for each job or work of artistry allowing for full customization and hygiene to reflect the modern demands of a pro makeup artist. Our Petites Mattes Collection is our carefully curated solution to the challenges of our ever-changing beauty landscape for Pro artists and makeup mavens. Available in 6 incredible color stories - Neutral, Warm, Cool, Dark, Milieu and Editorial Brights - each ‘Petites Mattes’ palette houses 12 pans of universally flattering pigment-rich, essential matte shadows for defining and sculpting in mix and match magnetized pans for: eyes, brows, lips and cheekbones.

The same stellar quality, the same exquisite payoff, the same saturation, and the same sublime colors - now in a “Petite” and playful presentation with a price point that will make you swoon! Whether you are beginning your makeup journey, or you are a seasoned pro who wants a bespoke kit that you can create exclusively for jobs and individually for clients, or if you are curious to develop your collection with hues which excite and challenge- then check out our Petites Mattes Collection! The magnetized 1g pans of Petites Mattes are housed in recyclable cardboard packaging and offer mix and match magnetization throughout the Petites Mattes, Petit Pro & Edit collections. Curate your own Viseart dream palette!

76 g, 92 mm x 75 mm x 13 mm

Brand: Viseart

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Brand: Viseart


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