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Wizard full long Beard and Moustache

$89.98 CAD

Wizard, quality full long Beard and mustache, with adhesive (2x 2 ml spirit gum)

SKU: 984260

Zauberer Wizard, quality full long Beard and moustache with adhesive/ mastix spirit gum. It can be used for characters like Merlin or Gandalf and Saruman from The Lord of the Rings.

  • Wizard beard combination:
  • Amish chin curtain made of synthetic hair plus
  • Cowboy moustache made of real hair
  • Two 2 ml bottles of high-quality Mastix spirit gum

All of our real hair effects are hand-knotted and shaped to look authentic using a method preferred by professional make-up artists. Their naturally blended coloring results in a professional-quality transformation. High quality fake beards and moustaches made of real hair imitate nature by deriving their color from a combination of two or more individual nuances. That is why hair that is only one color always looks dyed or synthetic. The extreme durability of real hair also means high wearing comfort and an authentic look, even after repeated use. The synthetic modacrylic hair of the full beard is easier to style and resistant to dirt and moisture.

Tip: You can style our fake beards and moustaches made of real hair as if they were your own hair: comb and braid them, or shape them with a curling iron. But try not to dye real hair effects too often, because the hair is attached to a synthetic net base that could melt if exposed to heat or tear if handled carelessly.

Tip: You can style, wash, cut and braid synthetic hair as if it were real human hair. Use steam to carefully curl it, because dry heat and high temperatures can make the fine fibres melt.
You can treat your real hair moustache like your own

Materialmoustache: human hair; chin beard: 100% modacrylic

Brand: Mask World / Mytholon

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